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Provision an Azure VM in an Azure Pipelines Environment

In the past I’ve created a custom Azure Pipelines task to install .NET Core on a Windows server. To test this task, I had to manually setup an environment with virtual machines. I wanted to automate this process, so I created a YAML pipeline in Azure DevOps that automatically provisions an Azure virtual machine and registers the virtual machine in an Azure Pipelines environment.

How to install .NET Core on a Windows server

In this post I show how I install and update the .NET Core Runtime & Hosting Bundle on Windows servers using Azure Pipelines. Making patching .NET Core a trivial matter.

Using multi-stage YAML pipeline to create and publish NuGet packages

I’ve recently created a new NuGet package called FluentAssertions.ArgumentMatchers.Moq that I published on In order to make the process of creating and publishing this package as smooth and simple as possible, I’ve created a multi-stage YAML pipeline in Azure DevOps.

Build And Release Hugo Site Using Azure Pipelines

In this post I’ll give a step-by-step explanation on how I build and publish my Hugo blog site to GitHub Pages using Azure Pipelines.